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Date Posted: 09/20/2006
Submission Title Awcomin Salt Marsh Restoration Project
Author(s) Amman, A. P.
Year Created 2001
Resource Type Publications, Websites, and Tools
Publisher NRCS Durham, NH
Media Type Proposal (unpublished)
Volume, Issue, pp 8pp
There has been an ongoing restoration effort on the Awcomin marsh since the early 1990ís. This has included breaching the 1940ís and 1960ís dikes with new tidal ditches and the removal of dredge spoil down to an elevation averaging around 4.3 feet NGVD (National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929) in several areas. NGVD is a standard reference elevation taken from Boston Harbor which roughly approximates mean sea level. In the last two years several meetings have been held to solicit input from local experts for a plan to complete the restoration. From these discussions, a conceptual restoration framework was adopted.
URL Awcomin Salt Marsh Restoration Project
Theme>Topic Restoration > Sites
Watershed: Piscataqua
Town(s): Rye
Attachment Awcomin Restoration.pdf

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