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Date Posted: 03/07/2008
Submission Title Ecosystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP)
Author(s) Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment
Year Created 2008
Resource Type Publications, Websites, and Tools
Publisher Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment
Media Type Website
Volume, Issue, pp
The Ecosystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP) is a committee of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. ESIP is developing indicators for the Gulf of Maine and integrating regional data for a new Web-based reporting system for marine ecosystem monitoring. Activities of ESIP initially center on convening regional practitioners in six indicator areas: coastal development, contaminants and pathogens, eutrophication, aquatic habitat, fisheries and aquaculture, and climate change.
URL Ecosystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP)
Theme>Topic Water Quality > *General
Water Quality > Shorelands Protection
Water Quality > Water pollution
Water Quality > coastal and estuarine
Community Resources > GIS
Restoration > tidal wetlands
Restoration > Shorelands Protection
Restoration > Ecosystem Management
Watershed: Cocheco
Town(s): Barrington; Dover; Farmington; Middleton; Milton; Rochester; Rollinsford; Somersworth; Strafford
Watershed: Great Works
Town(s): Berwick
Watershed: Kennebunk River
Town(s): Alfred; Arundel
Watershed: Mousam
Town(s): Acton; Alfred
Watershed: Piscataqua
Town(s): Dover; Portsmouth; Rye
Watershed: Salmon Falls
Town(s): Acton; Brookfield; Farmington; Middleton; Milton; Rochester; Rollinsford; Somersworth; Wakefield

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