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Date Posted: 03/26/2008
Submission Title A Survey of Migratory Fishes in the Little River Estuary and its Watershed
Author(s) Orringer, S, Reid, S, Sullivan, N
Year Created 1995
Resource Type Publications, Websites, and Tools
Publisher Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve; Report submitted to the Institute of Museum Services
Media Type Report (unpublished)
Volume, Issue, pp
Anadromous fish such as alewives, salmon, and smelt (these species travel from the ocean up rivers and streams to spawn) are historically abundant in the coastal rivers and streams of southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire, but today's populations are low due to habitat loss and degradation, including obstruction of migratory pathways by dams. This report describes a study where Wells NERR researchers used a fish weir and electroshocking to sample fish populations in the Merriland River and Branch Brook. It includes a map of barriers to fish passage, species lists, and life history information for selected species.
Theme>Topic Landscape Characterization > *General
Water Economics > *General
Landscape Change > Shorelands Protection
Watershed: Little River
Town(s): Wells
Attachment IMS_1995.pdf

The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farm, Wells, Maine Copyright 2006 All rights reserved. Collaboration with NOAA CSC, Charleston SC