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Town of Barrington
State: NH
County: Strafford


Water District Drinking Water Source

Cocheco River Watershed

Round Pond sits along Pond Hill Road where several homes border its southern shore. Most of the land surrounding the pond is undeveloped. A small stream flows out of the western end of Round Pond and runs a quarter of a mile to Rochester Reservoir which lies across Barrington’s northern border with Rochester. Development around this pond is also sparse with only a few homes along Strafford Road and a dam at its northern end.

Stonehouse Pond lies in a forested area in the southwest corner of Barrington. There is little development along its shoreline other than a boat launch site. A small stream drains the pond at its northern end and flows through a small culvert under Barrington Road. This stream joins Hall Brook, which flows into Barrington from Strafford near Caanan Road. The brook flows past several farms and then passes through an area of forested and emergent wetland where it is joined by Spruce Brook flowing east from Strafford. This area near Old Caanan Road is scattered with several homes and farms and many small marshes. Hall Brook continues north through a mile of forest until it flows into Nippo Brook. This brook drains 85 acre Nippo Pond which sits northeast of Barrington Road. The shoreline of this pond is mostly developed including Nippo Lake Golf Course at its northern end and numerous homes and docks on the water. Nippo Brook passes several farms where it crosses Province Road. A half mile downstream the brook joins the Isinglass River.

The Mohawk River runs into Barrington from Strafford, near several homes on Parker Mountain Road. It flows a quarter of a mile to join the Isinglass River.

Berrys River flows into Barrington from Strafford, near 2nd Crown Point Road. It crosses the road and turns south, past numerous homes along Berry River Road. The river then flows into Long Pond which sits between Berry River Road and Long Shore Drive. Numerous homes on these two roads dot the shoreline of the pond. At it’s the southern end, the shores of the pond transition to marsh. As the marsh narrows it forms a small stream that drains the pond. The stream crosses Parker Mountain Road near several homes, and flows into the Isinglass River.

Preston Pond lies at the edge of a large farm on Pond Hill Road close to Barrington’s border with Rochester. Except for the farm there is no development on its shoreline. A small stream empties out of the southern end of the pond and flows into Little Long Pond. This pond lies across the Barrington and Rochester border, near Washington Street. There is little development on its shoreline, which is primarily marshland. The pond empties into a small stream that crosses Pond Hill Road and flows into 236 acre Ayers Pond. Most of the shoreline on Ayers Pond is dotted with houses, some with lawns down to the water. A boat launch is located at the ponds southern end, near its outlet. Here a small stream flows out of the pond and passes through a small wetland area before crossing Washington Street and joining the Isinglass River.

Scruton Pond is situated along Scruton Pond Road bordered by narrow marsh. Several homes are built along it shores. A tiny stream flows out of its southern end and passes close to the athletic fields on Smoke Street, and several homes on Brewster Road, as it winds its way through forest and marsh to join the Isinglass River.

Green Hill Brook begins near several homes and businesses in East Barrington. It flows north along Route 125 and passes a large gravel pit, where it turns east and passes under the road. The brook then flows through a series of small emergent wetlands, passing a few homes and farms on Tolend Road, and then joins the Isinglass River.

The Isinglass River crosses into Barrington from Strafford in a marsh area north of Bow Lake Estates Road. The river flows east, passing several homes before crossing Parker Mountain Road and turning south. It river parallels the road for a mile, passing close to the Nippo Lake Golf Course, and then turns north along Washington Street. The river continues to encounter development as it flows through residential areas along Scruton Pond Road. It then enters a mile long stretch of forest where there is little development. The Isinglass River crosses first Brooks Road, then Brewster Road, and finally Greenhill Road as it passes numerous homes and crosses into Rochester on its way to join the Cocheco River.

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Water Source: Private Wells
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Sewer District: Septic
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Receiving Waters: groundwater
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Seal:town seal, click to enlarge
Population:8275 (U.S. Census Est. 2006)
Area:46.7 square miles


Barrington is a relatively rural town, especially when compared to some of its neighbors. Development is dispersed throughout town, with concentrations of homes and commercial properties in East Barrington along Route 125.

According to the US census, in 2006 the population of Barrington was 8,275 residents. The population is projected to grow 24% by 2030, as Barrington increasingly becomes a bedroom community for nearby commercial centers.

In 2007, Barrington had 41% of its total area in current use tax status. This included 5,465 acres of forest and 4,085 acres of wetlands, but only 7.66 acres of farmland. However, this designation does not provide permanent protection and incentives to develop may decrease these numbers in the future.

Barrington has many parcels of conservation land, the largest of which is the town owned Tamposi Water Supply Reserve. In addition to numerous small town easements, there is a privately held easement and a state owned easement near Mendums Pond.

Barrington enjoys a number of recreational opportunities derived from its abundant water resources. Public boat access is available on Stonehouse Pond, Swains Lake, and Ayers Pond. The town has several popular coldwater fisheries including the Isinglass River and Mallego Brook.


Barrington was incorporated in 1722. The town was made up of two grants, the first containing all of Strafford and present-day Barrington except for a parcel two miles wide called New Portsmouth, or the Two Mile Streak. This second grant had been set aside to provide fuel and home sites for imported workers at the Lamprey River Iron Works, chartered in 1719 by the Massachusetts General Court to encourage industrial development in the province.

Slow at first to be settled because of rocky soil, Barrington by 1810 had 3,564 residents, then the state's third largest town, its primary industry the smelting of iron ore. The Isinglass River, together with its tributaries, provided water power for grist, fulling and saw mills. In 1820, Strafford was set off from Barrington, reducing its land area by about half, because of lengthy travel required to attend town meetings.

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