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Southside Brook Watershed

Public Swimming Beaches

The Southside Drainages Watershed covers 3.85 square miles in York and Kittery, Maine. It includes the small coastal drainages between the York and the Piscataqua Rivers, the most significant of which is the large estuary at Brave Boat Harbor. There is relatively little development within this watershed, owing to the fact that a large percentage is part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Several areas of the watershed provide significant habitat for rare and endangered species, including the endangered New England Cottontail. These areas include portions of large forested blocks and scattered agricultural land. The estuary at Brave Boat Harbor forms part of the border between York and Kittery. This broad wetland provides significant habitat for waterfowl and wading birds, including the Saltmarsh Sharp-Tailed Swallow.

Seapoint Beach is a small public swimming beach located along Seapoint Road, at the southern extent of the Southside Drainages Watershed. The beach is bordered by several small farm fields and a small tidal marsh which is part of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

Increasing residential development
Invasive species especially Phragmities (common reed)
Ongoing Projects:
These drainages are included in the landscape scale Mt Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative.
Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge continues to expand its holdings and control invasive species.
Key Resource(s) for Southside Brook Watershed:
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Kittery Land Trust
Community Assistance Providers
A land trust serving the town of Kittery with conservation options for landowners.
Towns located in Watershed:
Kittery [ME]
Counties located in Watershed:
York [ME]
 Website: www.co.york.me.us
 Phone: 207-324-1571
 Population SWIM Towns: 121,400
 Total County Population: 202,232 (U.S. Census Est. 2006)
 Area SWIM Towns: 645.3 square miles
 Total County Area: 1002.6 square miles
Waterbodies located in Watershed:
(WC-watercourse, WB-waterbody)

Southside Brook [WC]

Natural resource dependent activities, agriculture, timber harvesting and commercial fishing, were some of the mainstays of early development in the area. These past uses continue to have a significant affect on current land use patterns as much of this area is owned by several large property owners, most of which were former farms. Much of this area remains heavily forested as the former farm fields have been allowed to grow over and the housing development which has occurred has often been tucked away into the trees.
This has never been an area of intense development but new subdivisions have occurred along Pepperrell Way, Brave Boat Harbor Road, Ledgewood Drive, Deacon Road, Woodside Meadows Road and most recently Jeffrey Drive. Most of these homes exceed the median housing value in York, and most residents view this as a very desirable area to live with development pressure expected to continue.
The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farm, Wells, Maine Copyright 2006 All rights reserved. Collaboration with NOAA CSC, Charleston SC