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Bridges Swamp Watershed

Public Swimming Beaches

The Bridges Swamp Watershed is a collective name for a group of small watersheds draining approximately 6.25 square miles in York, Maine. This watershed includes several small water courses, ponds, and marshes. Its soils are poorly drained and subject to flooding in heavy rains or storm surge events. The landscape in Bridges Swamp Watershed is a mixture of small forest blocks, a few areas of agriculture, and scattered development in the inland areas, and high density commercial and residential development along the coast. The most significant development in the western part of Bridges Swamp Watershed is located along the Blue Star Memorial Highway and the Maine Turnpike.

Two swimming beaches are located in the high density coastal areas. The landscape surrounding both of these beaches is characterized by a high percentage of impervious surfaces, which results in increased flows of stormwater that often drain onto the beach.

Short Sands Beach lies along Ocean Avenue, at the northern edge of the Cape Neddick peninsula.

Long Beach runs along Route 1 from the southern edge of Cape Neddick peninsula to Prebbles Point.

The beaches also serve as important tidal wading bird and waterfowl habitat. Several areas of significant habitat for rare and endangered wildlife species are found within Bridges Swamp Watershed, as well as locations with rare and endangered plant plant species.

High bacteria counts have been detected in drainage water.
Key Resource(s) for Bridges Swamp Watershed:
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York Land Trust Inc.
Community Assistance Providers
Conserves and protects lands of ecological, historic, scenic, agricultural and educational significance in the greater York area.
York Rivers Association
Community Assistance Providers
A group of citizens, non-profit organizations, local, state and federal agencies working together to protect and restore the rivers of York.
Towns located in Watershed:
York [ME]
Counties located in Watershed:
York [ME]
 Website: www.co.york.me.us
 Phone: 207-324-1571
 Population SWIM Towns: 121,400
 Total County Population: 202,232 (U.S. Census Est. 2006)
 Area SWIM Towns: 645.3 square miles
 Total County Area: 1002.6 square miles
Waterbodies located in Watershed:
(WC-watercourse, WB-waterbody)

Briley Brook [WC]; Little River [WC]; Nubble Brook [WC]

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